My career in styling and make-up began in the 1990s. A fantastic amount has happened since then and it’s been a great ride. This is my story…


I grew up in Sheffield and still lived there when Kylie’s management company called and asked to see my portfolio. I’d already worked on the Spinning Around promo, with director Dawn Shadforth, creating makeup for the extras…all 200 of them! But then came the call inviting me to work with Kylie herself. I’ll never forget the excitement of landing that contract and travelling around the world on Kylie’s On a Night Like This tour.


“What I do is not about covering up but about visualising people’s strengths, their natural beauty and inherent glamour and enabling that to come to life.”


On my return I made the life-changing move to London and never looked back. There have been thousands of special moments, not least working with photographer Elaine Constantine for US Vogue, making over singer Debbie Harry on a Julian Broad shoot and working on Campaign Against Violence for Women’s Aid with Anna Friel, Jemma Kidd and photographer Rankin. All amazing… I’ve been immensely lucky to work with some truly remarkable people. But what’s especially satisfying is that I’ve been able to do so without compromising the way I think about beauty. My passion lies in identifying what’s really special in someone and allowing that unique quality to shine.